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What the hell Facebook?

Facebook, Instagram (which is owned by Facebook), Twitter, YouTube (which is owned by Google), Snapchat, and almost every social network profits off of the posts you create and share...that's creepy. It's like someone found a way to make a profit off of your parents or grandparents old photo albums.

The recent events involving Cambridge Analytica and Facebook (which are somewhat distilled to the facts here) demonstrates that social networks will take risks with our information instead of erring on the side of caution.

There are social networks that have attempted to present an alternative to Facebook, but have not enjoyed the success that they sought. Ello started in 2014 and this article describes it's evolution into a platform for artists. Vero came to the fore recently with a subscription based model, and for a short period of time they invited users to join for free forever.

I'm really not sure how to approach this. I think people will not actually ditch Facebook c…

Treat yo self!

I haven't smoked for 6 days! Everyday I don't smoke I reward myself with Boston Market for dinner. It definitely costs more than what I was spending on cigarettes, but it's absolutely worth it! The hunger like physical cravings have become less frequent, and I think I'm coughing less...which could be a result of also getting over a cold.

The L-Tyrosine I've been taking either works, or has been an incredible placebo. I think taking it after I wake up and before I eat breakfast makes a big difference in how much energy I have in the morning. Tyrosine is an amino acid that your body needs in order to create dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. Placebo or not, I am feeling good!



I live in Houston now?

Good morning,Much to my surprise as much as anyone else's, I have been living and working in Houston since September 20th, 2017. Living and working with All Hands and Hearts - Smart Response has been and continues to be incredibly rewarding.Today is day 5 of not smoking. I've been enduring the very physical (like when you're hungry) cravings lately, always an odd feeling. Cheers,Bob

I quit!

I'm quitting smoking again. It's been 3.5 days since my last cigarette. In order to quit smoking I'm also going to stop drinking alcohol, and have been taking L-Tyrosine to facilitate the creation of dopamine in my brain. I got a cold the same day I quit; I've been on cold medicine for the last two days. Time to sleep in hopes of kicking this cold.Goodnight!